How to Prep your Skin for Fall

How to Prep your Skin for Fall


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Summer is officially over—whether or not we like it. The crisp autumn weather is rolling in, which means winter isn’t far behind.

Fall is the perfect time to transition your skin from the heat and humidity of the summer to the cold and dryness of the winter. It gives your skin “cushion” time to get ready for the change, so it isn’t shocked with a change in your routine.

Here are a few tips to get your skin looking and feeling gorgeous this autumn!


  1. Exfoliate weekly.

Your skin has likely roughened up after being exposed to the sun, wind, salt, and sweat from the summer. Even though it might look tan and glowing, it could actually be covered in dead skin cells. To prevent acne and lines from popping up when the sun goes away, you should start exfoliating more frequently.

Likely during the summer, you were only exfoliating once a week or every other week. As the weather gets colder, you might want to increase the frequency to twice a week to make sure you’re getting rid of dead skin. When you slough off the old, you can reveal young, smooth, radiant skin underneath.

  1. Stock up on moisturizers.

The cold, dry weather can quickly dry out your skin. You want to focus on hydration as you transition into the cooler months to prevent your skin from wearing thin.

Use a heavier moisturizer at night to fully replenish your skin cells, and use something lighter during the day to avoid oiliness.

The Tree of Life  Ultimate Beauty Crème contains Matrixyl 3000, plant stem cells and many more amazing ingredients. It’s slightly heavier, which makes it great for a nighttime routine. Our Vitamin C Moisturizer is a light moisturizer that works beautifully during the day.

You’ll also want to get hyaluronic acid in your lineup. HA molecules can hold up to 4x their weight in water—which makes it extremely hydrating for the skin. Use a Hyaluronic Acid Serum at night before applying your moisturizer for unbelievable soft, glowing skin!

  1. Pay attention to the lips.

Lip care is especially important in the changing seasons. The cold weather can chap and crack lips, which is one of the most underrated pains of the winter! The lips often tend to get neglected until after they’re chapped, which means after the damage has already been done. Like the rest of your face, the skin on your lips can actually “wrinkle.” Aging signs can make lips less red and less plump.

But you can easily protect your lips with hydrating, healthy, organic lip balm.

Learn more about lip care 101 here.

What does your fall skincare transition look like? Contact us with your tips and tricks!