Ten Makeup Trends for 2019/2020

Ten Makeup Trends for 2019/2020

Trends can be fun. They can encourage us to try something new and think outside the box. This year’s makeup trends do exactly that. They invite us all to take risks, be creative, and stand out.


Artistic and Colored Eyeliner

Eyeliner goes a step above even the boldest of cat eyes. Makeup novices and masters alike are encouraged to think outside the box with their eyeliner application. For this trend skip the black and brown. Instead, pick up eyeliner in bold hues and metallics. To make the look even more eye-catching, extend your lines well beyond the cat eye, add dots and shapes, or put liner in your crease. This striking trend is sure to turn heads.


Long, Lucious Lashes 

The large lash trend is not a new one, but now beauty gurus are seeking all natural solutions. Clear mascara is making a comeback for an effortless, natural look.


Big, Natural Brows

Stand-out brows have been in fashion for the last few years, but this year, it’s all about the natural shape and visible hairs. While brows of the past were pristine and geometric, brows of today appear wild and natural. Brush a few of the brow hairs closest to the center of your face straight up to emulate the natural brow look that is trending right now.


Daring Colors

From bold neons to deep jewel tones, a trending look is to use pigmented colors on the lips, eyes, and even cheeks. While pinks and greens stand out as popular colors, the trend is not limited to just those hues. Choose whatever color palette works with your outfit, skin tone, and style, and run with it.


Monochromatic Looks

While the daring colors are in, you don’t need to wear more than one to rock a trendy look. Easy to do and great for every occasion, the monochromatic looks are a fun and versatile trend. Shadows, blushes, and lips that are all the same hue make for a clean, unified look. Then, create dimension by using various shades of whatever color you choose.

Your choice of hue will determine what the look says. For a sweet, fresh faced look, choose a pink or peach that compliments your skin tone. For a more adventurous look, use colors like teal, orange, or purple. Regardless of your hue choice, this look will have you feeling modern and put together.



While this year certainly won’t be the first year featuring some sparkle, the shimmer is a little more subtle and effortless than the over-the-top glitters of the past. For a current shimmery look, smudge some bright, shimmery shadow into the inner corners of your eyes or light sweep some shimmer over your cheekbones.



Just like with shimmer, the metallic trend is all about catching light and catching looks. Add a touch of metallic to your eyes or lips to master this trend. A little metallic goes a long way. Blend some silver into the corners of your eyes or add some gold to the center of your plum lipstick for this trend.


Glassy Skin

Dewy cheeks and eyelids that appear to be wet and glowy are currently overtaking the matte makeup trends of the past. Use mists, oils, and jelly highlights to add a glassy look to your cheekbones.


Glossy Lips

Cheeks are not the only place to find that wet, glossy look. Lip gloss has made quite the comeback in 2019. Whether it’s a layer of shine over your natural lip color, or a gloss with a bold tint, lip gloss is in.



Not all trends are about the end result. Some are about the product attributes. Jelly makeup is one of 2019’s trending product textures. Great at keeping in moisture and creating both that glossy shine and that subtle shimmer, it’s no wonder that the easy to apply jellies are ruling right now.


Underneath it All

While the makeup can sometimes cover blemishes, nothing sets you up for a fabulous face of makeup like glowing skin. Whether you’re rocking these makeup trends or keeping it classic, don’t skip any skincare steps. Be sure to thoroughly remove your makeup at the end of the day and continue your usual skincare routine.


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Exploring new makeup looks is not only a blast, it can also help us to get outside our comfort zone and try something new. Be courageous and have fun with makeup trends, but at the end of the day, also be courageous enough to just be you.