Soothing Cucumber Lotion

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    • Size: 4 oz / 114 grams

      If you are looking for a refreshing, moisturizing addition to your skincare regimen, our Soothing Cucumber Lotion with Rose Water is a perfect choice to help your skin stay hydrated and radiant. Designed to be used as an "anytime" lotion for your face or body, the soothing relief your skin will feel the moment you apply this cream will be evident as it absorbs throughout the day or night.

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Moisturization is one of the #1 factors in long-term skincare for an ongoing vibrant look and feel, and the "brightening," rejuvenated feeling our Cucumber Lotion gives your skin is exactly what your skin has been craving.

Cucumber is a well-known skincare ingredient with many long-standing benefits when used in creams and lotions for your skin. Dry or dehydrated skin can show long-term effects of aging without proper hydration, and our Cucumber Lotion with Rose Water is perfect for long lasting moisturization and a soothing, refreshed feeling. Perfect for face or body, the fantastic ingredients in this skin cream can help your face and skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated after every use.

You can use our Soothing Cucumber Lotion by itself or with many other skincare regimens, and it absorbs quickly for use under makeup during the day or at night as a nighttime moisturizing cream. It can be used on your face or your body, and is a fantastic
all-purpose lotion anytime your skin feels a bit dry or "dull."

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