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10 Hottest Trends For Summer

10 Hottest Trends For Summer

The heat of the summer is the perfect time to pull out all the hottest trends and strut your stuff! This summer season, lightness and femininity are majorly trending.

Below are the 10 hottest trends in fashion, hair, makeup, and skincare for this year.

Which trends are you rocking this summer?

  1. Babydoll dresses

Babydoll dresses are typically tighter around the bust and flare out at the waist. They’re an airy, relaxed look that can be casual for the beach or fancier for the evening.

Patchwork style baby doll dresses are a unique and fun trend to try this summer. This look consists of different “patches” of fabric sewn together to create a multi-colored and multi-patterned look. Pair with flats for shopping with the girls, or throw on a pair of heels and you’re ready for date night.  

  1. Oversized, lightweight dresses

The oversized look has been trending throughout 2018, but dresses are getting lighter for the summer. These are comfortable and relaxed but also ultra-glamorous. They’re also flattering for just about anyone because they flaunt your natural, airy beauty.

Oversized shirtdresses with short sleeves are also trending. Throw on a light-colored or classic white shirtdress for an easy go-to summery outfit!

  1. Pastel floral prints

Tropical and botanical patterns were hot last year, but this year the trends are moving away from the bold and more towards the subtle. Pinks, blues, lilacs, pale yellow, and sherbet orange are popular pastels this season. Lighter pastel florals give a feminine, gorgeous look to any shirt, skirt, or dress.

Keep the prints light and breezy just like the materials of your dress!

  1. Bare

This summer, it’s all about the au naturale look. Contour and blocky brows are too heavy for the heat of the summer. A dewy, fresh, youthful look creates a carefree summer glow.

You want beautiful skin that glows without makeup. This means weekly exfoliation is a must to remove dead skin cells. You’ll also want to focus on hydration—both internal and external—to maintain radiant, healthy skin.

Don’t forget the SPF!

  1. Aqua liner

The “mermaid” look is also in this summer. Runways saw a number of turquoise and aqua eyes that create this ocean-like vibe.

Add blues and greens to your eyes to blend in with your favorite summer vacation spots! Eyeliner and eyeshadow can both give that watery color.

  1. Orange sunrise

Sun-kissed lids and lips are all the rage. Soft citrus makeup matches well with the pastel floral patterns and lighter colors found in this summer’s fashion trends. Orange sparkles are also in.

Focus on natural beauty with a pop of bold eye color!

  1. Natural

Fashion runways for the season saw a lot of flyaways and casual dos. Like the bare makeup look, natural hair is all the rage! Whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy, the goal this season is to let it flow.

This looks especially beautiful and natural when paired with pastel florals. You’re too busy having fun this summer to do your hair!

  1. Long pixie

Last year, a lot of women and celebrities cut their hair into cute pixies. This year, they’re growing their hair out—so the longer pixie is in.

This is a flowing, breezy look that is effortlessly chic. Even if you didn’t partake in the pixie look last year, you can get a longer pixie cut right now!  

  1. Bob

The bob is a classic hairstyle that almost never goes out of style. Bobs can be straight, curly, or wavy and still look stunning. Bangs or no bangs, the bob is easy to take care of and style.

Plus, it falls in line with that graceful, natural beauty that’s trending in makeup and fashion this year. 

  1. Serums

Serums have been trending for over a year—and for a good reason. They’re the most effective way to add vitamins and nutrients right on top of your skin for an instant glow.

You can find a serum for just about any type of skin you have—and for the skin you want.

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