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Welcome to Tree of Life Beauty™!

Tree of Life is your partner in finding skincare solutions that are just as effective as the name brands but at a fraction of the price.

Tree of Life Beauty™ was founded by, Ellyn Davis, a microbiologist, who was frustrated with the skincare products on the market that either did not work or were prohibitively expensive.

Ellyn studied and tested the name brands to understand what ingredients drove results and what was fluff. She developed a line that focused on the main active ingredients without the extra so she could provide products that are affordable for everyday use. She also ensured that top quality ingredients were sourced prioritizing organic and tapping into clinically tested ingredients from nature. And thus, Tree of Life Beauty™ was born. Join us on the journey to clean beauty!

Customer service is our #1 priority, so we stand ready to assist with any questions, concerns or feedback.