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We are committed to providing professional, "top-shelf" spa-quality facial products with customer service and education to match your skin-care needs as you age.

Tree of Life Beauty™ began as one woman, Ellyn Davis, relentlessly searched for skincare products that actually worked to help her skin look more nourished, radiant, and leave her skin feeling smooth, soft, and unbelievably touchable.

There were so many products which promised the moon but delivered so little, and many of them were simply not affordable long-term based on what they offered...Ellyn knew something needed to change in the skin-care industry.

A scientist at heart with a masters in biology and having worked toward her doctorate in microbiology, Ellyn tested, studied, and personally used all of the major brand names and well-known skin care companies' products, and came up with very specific, key ingredients and formulations which were time-tested and scientifically shown to help skin retain its youthful look and feel as a person aged.

Ellyn also realized that while many companies promoted their products as the be-all-and-end-all of skin-care, most of the company's products only contained a few truly powerful and active ingredients, and many of the companies were not educating their customers on how to properly use their skin-care, which she felt was almost as important as the skin-care itself.

Thus, Ellyn decided it was time to change the way skin-care was done, and Tree of Life Beauty™ was born.


You Will Notice A Few Things About Our Company Which Sets Us Apart From Others



FIRST: Each formulation we offer contains many powerful, active ingredients, all of which are designed to work in synergy to produce effective and targeted skin-care.

Unlike other companies, we try to steer clear of fillers or ingredients which do not belong in your skin-care and do not work directly in-tandem with the rest of the ingredients in each formulation. You are paying for high-quality skin-care, and should not have to use an entire bottle to start seeing smoother, silkier skin. Along with that, all of our formulations work well together or individually, meaning you can breathe easy knowing our skin-care has you covered from start to finish.

SECOND: ALL of our products are intensively tested by dermatologists for allergens and other potential issues using scientific methods, to ensure they work well on skin for a wide range of skin types.

We take things like quality control seriously, and our products are all manufactured in the USA. We use labs which abide by the highest of standards for skin-care, while constantly monitoring to ensure no harmful or unknown ingredients enter any of our products.

We not only manufacture in the USA, but we are a proud job creator here in the USA as well, and we make sure to take care of our furry friends by continuing to stay Cruelty Free at all times.

Most of our products are Vegan and many of our products contain a high % of both Natural and Organic ingredients.

Special Note: We are proud to now carry Dead Sea Mud, which obviously originates straight from the source. This item cannot be manufactured in the USA as it is simple Dead Sea Mud directly from the Dead Sea Region.

THIRD: Our goal is for our customer service to be unbeatable. Any emails we receive will be responded to within 24-hours or we will send you a free product of your choice, no questions asked.

You may contact us anytime by email at, or by clicking HERE.

FOURTH: We are dedicated to offering lasting skin-care techniques and education for all our customers, and it is our goal to help you with your skin-care as you age whether you continue to purchase from us or not.

In the spirit of better skin-care as you age, even if we do not know how to help with your particular skin-care regimen (we cannot, after all, give people advice on how to use products we are not completely familiar with), we will do what we can to inform you and steer you in the right direction regarding your skin-care throughout your life.

We are always doing our best to stay up-to-date, and it is our goal to update our customers as new advances, skin-care, and high-quality products become available.

FIFTH: We do our best to lower costs so our products remain affordable. We spend very little on marketing, relying on word of mouth and excellent feedback from our happy customers to continue offering you amazingly high-end products. If you like our products, please share them with friends and family so we can all enjoy high quality, yet affordable skincare together :)

You Will See Many Professionally Written, Highly Informative Articles, Blogs, and Downloads Throughout Our Site.

We hope you will download them and read through them so that you may better understand your body as you age, and take care of your skin for a more youthful you throughout the years.

Our content is designed to further your understanding of how your skin ages and the best ways to take care of yourself as you age. 

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You may contact us anytime about your current skin-care routines and application procedures at, or by contacting us HERE.

Have a wonderful day, and thank you for putting your trust in us.

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