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6 Compliments You Should Give To People You Love

6 Compliments You Should Give To People You Love

"I can live for two months on a good compliment." Mark Twain 

What would life be like if you received one more compliment every day? How would you feel? How would it make your day? How would you be happier, more productive, and more empowered? 

You can be that source of love and inspiration for someone else with just one phrase. 

Compliments are one of the easiest ways to show friends and family that you care. Compliments help foster relationships by opening up the dialogue about your love for the other person.

An honest and genuine compliment makes them feel good, which can make you feel good in return. This is a phenomenon called "social reward", and it's been shown to make us happier, less stressed, and more fulfilled in life. 

So what compliments should you give to the people in your life to make them feel good and improve your relationship with them? 

  1. You're one of the strongest people I know. 

Complimenting someone's strength is a great way to show that you admire the person for his or her character. Resilience and strength makes people feel they are equipped to handle the stressors in their lives. 

Don' just say this compliment when your friend is having a bad day. If you only say it when they're feeling down, they'll think you're just saying it to cheer them up. 

Say this compliment on good or neutral days. This will make them feel even more powerful, amplifying the strength they already experience on their good days. Then, on their bad days, they'll be able to draw on this complimented strength. 

Be specific about reasons you think they are "strong." Did they overcome a really tough project? Did they respond positively to a challenging situation? 

  1. You have the best smile. 

Other variations include: "your smile is contagious" or "your smile lights up a room." This is more than just an external compliment. When someone smiles, they're happy. When you compliment that happiness, it exponentially enhances their positive mood. It shows that you appreciate and notice their happiness. 

Because you complimented their smile, they'll want to keep smiling around you moving forward. This builds a relationship based on positivity. 

  1. You have a great outlook on life. 

This shows that you appreciate the way they view the world. An "outlook" on life is how someone lives day to day without even realizing it. People love to hear that they naturally give off a positive energy and spirit. They'll appreciate that you see them as an upbeat person. 

This doesn't necessarily mean they're always optimistic. Their "outlook" might be driven by passion, determination, or confidence. Be specific about how you appreciate their viewpoint of life. 

Variations: "You bring out the best in people." "You're radiant/vibrant." "You have a great heart."

  1. I appreciate our friendship. 

This shows your gratitude for your friend, which builds a strong and constructive relationship. Talk about what you appreciate regarding their friendship. Do you feel you can always rely on them? Do you trust them? Do you like laughing with them? 

Bonus: Don't just tell them you appreciate their friendship-- show it! Give them a meaningful gift or treat them to an experience you can share. Giving is a great way to demonstrate why your friendship is so important to you. 

  1. That color looks great on you. 

Everyone likes to hear they look nice. This compliment shows that you appreciate and notice the external beauty of your friend. It's a great way to give them an unexpected confidence boost. Plus, whenever they wear that shirt moving forward, they'll think of you and your compliment. When they have a big meeting or a stressful day, they'll wear that color or shirt because you pointed out their beauty and confidence in it! 

  1. You inspire me.

Everyone wants to feel as though they are an inspiration to another person. It shows that they are important to you. It's a unique compliment because it praises their leadership, which is a quality most people don't think about often. This can make them more mindful about all their wonderful abilities and talents. 

Variations: "You're a great example." "You make me a better person." "You're a gift to those around you."

The Bottom Line

When giving a compliment, be honest and genuine. Too often, we think positive things about other people but never say them aloud. You can be a source of light and happiness with just one compliment per day. Show people you care. Show your gratitude and love. 

When you give goodness, you get goodness in return. You'll attract a beautiful life if you promote that kind of atmosphere for others. 

What compliments do you like to receive? 
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