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How To Match Your Style With Your Personality

How To Match Your Style With Your Personality

Are you looking for new ways to express yourself? 

Individual style is a great way to enhance your personality. What you put on your body has a direct impact on how you feel, look, and act. 

Did you know that clothes can actually influence our behavior? Wearing a suit makes us feel more powerful while casual clothes make us friendlier and more creative. Wearing gym clothes actually makes it more likely that you’ll work out!  

So how can you unlock your style in a way that matches your personality and brings out the best version of yourself? 

  1. Don’t be afraid to shine. 

First and foremost, don’t be afraid to wear what you want. The purpose of style is to show off your uniqueness. So be as bold or as subtle as you want. Don’t be afraid of not “fitting in.”

In fact, some studies found that people actually respond favorably to individuals who are wearing a bold color or unique outfit. In one instance, a man with a red bow tie was considered higher status and more powerful than other men with a black bow tie at a formal affair. 

The reason? People see you as having more competence if you’re willing to break social norms. Deviating from the usual can be psychologically rewarded. 

So don’t be afraid to let your style shine! 

  1. Choose trends wisely. 

Trends can be fun to partake in. You’ll look back on photos and say, “can you believe I wore that?” But be aware that trends are also, by nature, a passing fad. This means you could easily spend money on something you wear only a few times before it doesn’t suit the trending style anymore. 

That’s why you want to instead focus on your personal style. This allows you to invest your money in clothes that make you look and feel great—and that you can wear for years to come. Mix trends with personality to create a unique, seasonal look that you’ll love. 

  1. Have one defining piece. 

Select a wardrobe item or accessory that defines “you.” It could be a funky rainbow bracelet or your favorite red sneakers. It could even be something as simple as your teardrop necklace or a pearl earring. 

Choose something that makes you feel good and comfortable. Then, people will begin to associate that item to you. This is a great way to define your style and share your personality.

Plus, having one item that you wear on a consistent basis can actually make you feel more comfortable and secure in your own skin. It functions as a style-security blanket that can make you more confident and expressive. 

  1. Know your body. 

Everyone has a different body type. Know yours so you can dress in a way that makes you comfortable. Style is not only about looking good but feeling good as well. Find pieces that will accentuate your strongest features.

For example, you may love your shoulders. They have cute freckles that you love showing off. 

Bottom Line

Choosing your style starts by knowing yourself. What makes you feel good? What will make you comfortable? What will make you stand out? 

What makes you you

What is YOUR style? Share this article with your friends to express your fashion-personality.   

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