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Love yourself unconditionally each and every day

Love yourself unconditionally each and every day

You know what makes you awesome?


It’s time to love who you are! Because who you are is awesome.

So what can you do to love yourself unconditionally each and every day?

  1. Meditate.

Loving yourself starts by building your inner strength, which can be disciplined and trained through meditation.

Respecting and appreciating the world around you is one of the easiest ways to appreciate your own beauty as well.

Take time every day for contemplation and self-reflection. Breathe and be grateful.

  1. Talk yourself up.

If you want to truly love yourself, you have to talk to yourself in a loving way. That means stopping the negative thoughts before they consume you.

We all have negative thoughts sometimes. That’s okay, as long as we acknowledge those thoughts as blips on our radar.

Look in the mirror. Start listing all of your positive attributes, both externally and internally. Be goofy and silly. No one is around to judge you. Now is the time to be honest with yourself.

Most importantly, smile as you look in the mirror. Smiling makes you feel good. If you smile while you list positive things about yourself, your brain feels good about those attributes. When your brain feels good, it wants to feel good more and more—so you’ll start to have continuously positive thoughts.

Plus, you look beautiful when you smile.

  1. Join a community.

One of the best ways to grow your self-love and confidence is by doing something that makes you feel good. Get involved in activities that make you happy. Do you like to paint? Find a painting group/ Like romance novels? Join a book club.

This is a great way to be surrounded by your passions and other people who share your excitement. This brings out a sense of inner peace that works like a confidence-boosting therapy session.

  1. Forgive yourself.

When you have an argument with a friend, the only way to overcome the disagreement is through forgiveness. Once you forgive, you can move on and cultivate a relationship with that person.

The same is true when you forgive yourself.

Most of the time, we prevent ourselves from fully loving because we are ashamed of something we’ve done in our past. Maybe it was an embarrassing moment or “bad” decision that we feel has hurt us.

Recognize that every decision you make is a learning moment.

This can help you be more self-aware. Take a reality check. Stop trying to be perfect. 

Acknowledge what’s hurting you, and forgive yourself for it.

  1. Form a new relationship.

A new “relationship” can be as grand as opening yourself up to a new love or as simple as learning your barista’s name.

Relationships make us happy. When you form a bond with another person, you’re putting love out into the world. When you give love, you receive love.

Can you make a new friend today?

  1. Stop thinking about what you’re missing.

Stop obsessing about what you feel you’re missing in life. You have enough love, money, and freedom. You are beautiful enough, smart enough, strong enough.

You are incredibly blessed. When you take time to recognize your blessings in life, you’ll start to realize how truly fortunate you are. This gratitude leads to a deep and fulfilling sense of self-love.

Every morning, wake up and list 10 things that you’re grateful for today. It can be friends, family, achievements, or moments. It can even be as small as, “I am grateful for the smell of rain.”

When you find joy in the little experiences in life, you’ll start to see how truly fortunate you are.

  1. Acknowledge your standards.

Loving yourself means respecting yourself. Set your standards and stick to them.

One of the easiest ways to fall out of love with ourselves is to lose a sense of who we are.

Tell others what you will and won’t tolerate. If someone does something that breaks your boundaries, be open about why this hurts you. Be assertive and calm while meeting your needs.

This helps to build your own self-esteem and surround yourself with positive, happy friends.

Bottom Line

Treat yourself the way you treat others.

It’s only when you love yourself that you can truly give love to your friends and family. 

Starting with self-love and self-care is the key to a happy life.

The person you spend the most time with in life is yourself. Be the loving person you want to spend time with.

You’re awesome.

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