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The Fastest & Easiest Skincare Routine For The Holiday Season

The Fastest & Easiest Skincare Routine For The Holiday Season


This is Martha Thomas, head of customer care for Tree of Life Beauty, and I want to welcome you to our weekly newsletter where we discuss important ways to age gracefully, “how-tos” for keeping skin healthy as you age, and so much more about your skincare regimen.

This week we will discuss “The Fastest & Easiest Skincare Routine For The Holiday Season.” If you missed any of our past newsletters, please check them out on our blog.

Please be advised that we are not doctors or dermatologists, and this article should not be taken as medical advice or any medical statement. Any questions or issues involving your skin-care needs should be taken up with a physician, and we highly recommend you consult with your doctor before taking up any skin-care regimen.


The holidays are a stressful, hectic time, so taking proper care of your skin can often take a backseat. But amidst the dry winter air flaking your skin and the potential stress you may be experiencing, your skin’s youthful glow can take a drastic decline.

You’re likely not sleeping enough, so you get puffy eyes. You’re not drinking enough water, so you get sagging, dehydrated skin. You might be falling into bed with makeup still on, leading to clogged pores and breakouts. You’re stressed and busy, leading to worry lines. You’re submitting your skin to temperature shifts going from cold wind to heated air, which can dry out your skin.

It can be hard to stay mindful of your skincare when your mind is occupied with a million other things this holiday season.

We want to make this season as easy as possible for you. We believe that you deserve flawless skin that will make you the radiantly glowing star of every holiday party. So we’ve compiled a list of the fastest, easiest products to take care of your skin this winter. With just 5 steps, you’ll be able to take on all the skin stressors of the holiday season.

  1. Start your morning with a vitamin C cleanser.

Vitamin C has powerful antioxidants that can fight off environmental toxins your skin may come in contact with throughout the day. 

If you want to get rid of gunk, protect your face, and start your morning with a brightening radiance, our Vitamin C Cleanser is the perfect go-to.

  1. Use a daytime serum.

After cleansing, you want to further prep your skin for the hustle and bustle of the day. You don’t want a heavy moisturizer sitting on your skin, but you still want to protect from the drying effects of the winter air. A serum is the perfect choice, because it can be absorbed quickly and works well under makeup.

Our Daytime Age-Defying Serum is made for daily-use, so it can be applied underneath makeup as a thin but forceful primer. It’s filled with vitamin C, astaxanthin, CoQ10, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid to get your skin gorgeously nourished. These antioxidants and vitamins prepare your skin for a long and stressful day, whether you’re fighting off a snowy chill or trying to stay calm while baking five pies. Get it here!

  1. Dab on a vitamin C eye gel.

Before you leave the house, apply a vitamin C eye gel to zap under-eye puffiness and dark circles. If you were up all night wrapping gifts or making Santa’s cookies (or eating Santa’s cookies), you can quickly throw on an eye gel for bright, energized eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so make your eyes as merry and bright as you’re feeling this holiday season. We guarantee you’ll love this Vitamin C Eye Gel as much as we do.

  1. Use a nighttime serum.

After a long day, your skin needs some time, love and care. But if you don’t have the time or energy, a powerful serum will do the trick. After cleansing, apply one of two serums, alternating between the two for double the effects.

Our Hyaluronic Acid Serum is the best way to maintain hydration in the winter dryness. HA helps your skin retain water on its own, even holding up to 370% more water than collagen. If you’re not drinking the amount of water you should be this winter, a hyaluronic acid serum will help fight of signs of skin dehydration. Psst… Drink more water!

Every other night, use the Ultimate Beauty Serum. Filled with a potent list of ingredients like astaxanthin, plant stem cells, and vitamins C and E, this serum makes the perfect nighttime mask. This will actually help your skin rebalance and reset overnight, so you’ll wake up in the morning looking more vibrant and radiant. It has short-term and long-term effects that will leave your skin glowing.

  1. Exfoliate weekly.

We usually recommend exfoliating two times per week, and this is especially important when your face is up against the harsh stressors of the wintery season. Plus, exfoliating takes no extra time; just switch out your nighttime cleanser for our Exfoliating Facial Scrub. This product smells like you’ve just walked into a spa, and it will help you instantly relax and calm down after a stressful day. This can scrub away any dry skin and impurities to revitalize and freshen your skin. Best yet, our exfoliating scrub has jojoba beads, which ensures no damaging micro-tears on your face.

Using an Exfoliating Facial Scrub is especially beneficial the night before a big holiday party. Your skin will get an extra boost of refreshed brilliance, so you’ll strut in shining brighter than the glistening holiday lights.

The Bottom Line

Don’t neglect your skin this holiday season. With just a few steps, you can instantly brighten and revitalize your face despite the cool air and stressful hustle.

P.S. Make your skincare cruelty-free this season. Cruelty-free products don’t test on animals, which is a great way to give back to the environment and our furry friends this holiday season.

You can spread the joy with your skincare!

Products Featured In This Article:

Vitamin C Cleanser

Daytime Age-Defying Serum

Vitamin C Eye Gel

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Ultimate Beauty Serum

Exfoliating Facial Scrub
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