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Where Can I Make Friends As An Adult?

Where Can I Make Friends As An Adult?

Everyone wants more friends. Friendships are an important aspect of our health and happiness.

Spending time with your friends is a healthy and fun pastime.

But it’s not always easy to make friends, especially as an adult. We aren’t put in the same sort of “forced” social situations that we are when we’re younger, like participating on a sports team or being in the same classroom as kids your age.

So where can you meet new people and forge deep, meaningful friendships as an adult?  

  1. Work

Talk to people at work. You can make some of your best friends at work. Instead of eating lunch at your desk, eat in the break room. Ask a neighbor coworker if they want to carpool every once in a while.

Don’t talk about work, though. Most people get stressed when they talk about work on their “personal time” (even if it’s at work). Instead, ask them about their weekend. Inquire about their favorite movies and television shows. This shows that you care about getting to know them as a person.

  1. Activities

When you were a kid, you made friends through the activity clubs and teams you enjoyed. Whether that was your soccer team or your after-school debate club, most people meet their best friends in their favorite clubs.

This is because clubs, by nature, bring together people who have shared or common interests.

You can have these same benefits as an adult too.

Try new clubs to meet a new set of people, or get more involved in hobbies you already love. Your community likely has a number of clubs, leagues, and group classes you can try out. From cooking classes to book clubs to sports leagues, you can find a group for just about any hobby you enjoy.

Joining a club with a hobby you love is great as you will have “me time” to enjoy your favorite activities, while also meeting new friends and being social. If you join a sports league, you can even get some exercise in there too. Talk about the ultimate work-life balance!   

  1. Meetups

They can be large events, like fundraiser walks, or small and intimate, like running groups.

Can’t find a meetup in your area that you would want to attend? Start one! You’ll be doing a hobby you love while attracting local friends who are interested in the same activities as you.

  1. Social media

Social media is a great way to make new friends if you’re introverted or busy. Facebook groups can work really well as you can find local or hobby-based groups, and you can see users who are talking about the same interests and activities as you.

  1.  Reconnect

Reconnect with old friends. You don’t need to always go out and meet new people. You can revive relationships with friends you love but haven’t talked to in a while.

You’ve likely heard that it’s important to remove toxic people from your life. But it’s equally as important to foster healthy relationships. Removing toxic friends is like weeding your garden, and reconnecting with old friends is like replanting your flowers.

Some of the strongest relationships can be forged after some time apart. Growing apart and coming back together can create a deeper, more meaningful, and long-lasting relationship.


There’s a myth that if we go out looking for friends, we’ll come off looking lonely and desperate.

But in fact, the opposite is true. Looking for friends proves that you’re a sociable person. You want more love and friendship in your life—and the right friends will reward you for that!

Share this Tree of Life article with your friends to let them know that you love them!

Now, go out there and forge some new friendships. We can’t wait to hear all about them!  

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