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Can Hummus Fight Wrinkles?

Can Hummus Fight Wrinkles?


This is Martha Thomas, head of customer care for Tree of Life Beauty. Welcome to our weekly newsletter, where we discuss important ways to age gracefully, “how-tos” for keeping skin healthy as you age, and so much more about your skincare regimen.

This week we will discuss “Can Hummus Fight Wrinkles?” If you missed any of our past newsletters, you can find them here on our blog.

Please be advised that we are not doctors or dermatologists, and this article should not be taken as medical advice or any medical statement. Any questions or issues involving your skin-care needs should be discussed with a physician, and we highly recommend you consult with your doctor before taking up any skin-care regimen.


May 13 is International Hummus Day! It’s a day to eat and enjoy all your favorite types of hummus, tweet using #hummusday, and even attend a hummus event near you. It’s a day to join the “millions around the world celebrating their love for delicious hummus.” (Here’s the International Hummus Day official website.)

But what does this have to do with skincare and beauty?

Today I am here to shock you by telling you that hummus—yes, delicious hummus—can actually help your skin look even more beautiful!

Traditional hummus contains lemon juice, olive oil, and chickpeas, which work together to rejuvenate skin in a powerhouse of organic transformation.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has a high level of acidity, which can act as a natural antioxidant and astringent. Antioxidants protect skin from free radicals, while astringents tighten skin, which can help skin cells regain elasticity. In this way, the lemon juice in hummus can give your skin an exciting, citrusy boost!  

Olive Oil

Olive oil is at the heart of natural beauty. You may have read our many articles raving about the effects of olive oil for natural radiance. Olive oil helps skin retain moisture and preserve elasticity. Olive oil is so moisturizing, in fact, that it has even been proven to help eliminate dandruff.

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants that fight against damaging radicals. It contains vitamins E and A that moisturize, repair, and protect. Our Ultimate Age-Defying Serum includes an olive oil-based ingredient because of the many remarkable effects of this versatile oil!


Chickpeas (the backbone of hummus) have nucleic acid, which can boost the skin’s rejuvenation process.

Natural chickpeas also contain a high amount of niacin. Niacin is a form of vitamin B3 that works to prevent dehydration and water loss. Our niacinamide serum works in a similar way to moisturize and plump skin cells which further work to energize your skin for a more vibrant look and feel.

How To Use Hummus

Most of these benefits can come from eating hummus. For example, the niacin in chickpeas is a great way to prevent full-body dehydration, leading to higher energy levels and better overall health.

P.S. Always talk to your doctor before changing your diet. Although these are great potential benefits, eating hummus will not cure ailments without the aid of a physician.

The Bottom Line On Hummus

At Tree of Life, we love natural solutions—especially yummy ones! Hummus can be a great addition to your age defying beauty pantry.

We can’t wait to celebrate International Hummus Day for our taste buds and our skin!
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