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Don't Neglect the Neck

Don't Neglect the Neck


This is Martha Thomas, head of customer care for Tree of Life Beauty, and I want to welcome you to our blog where we discuss important ways to age gracefully, "how-tos" for keeping skin healthy as you age, and so much more.

This week we will discuss "Don’t Neglect the Neck" If you missed any of our past blog posts, please check them out here on our website.

Please be advised that we are not doctors or dermatologists, and this article should not be taken as medical advice or any medical statement. Any questions or issues involving your skin-care needs should be taken up with a physician, and we highly recommend you consult with your doctor before taking up any skin-care regimen.


The neck is just an extension of your face, but it always seems to end up forgotten. In fact, your neck and décolletage are often the first places that show signs of aging—even before crow’s feet and lip lines. Neck wrinkles tend to be darker, heavier, and more pronounced because they are not properly attended to.

To fully fight signs of aging, you need to treat your neck and chest the same way you treat your face. In fact, you should treat your décolletage even better than your face because the skin is so thin, which means it has a higher risk of environmental damage.

So how do you keep your neck just as beautifully radiant as the rest of your face?


  1. Don’t forget to cleanse.

At the end of the day, you wash your face to get rid of a buildup of makeup and dirt—but what about your neck? Your neck and chest have the same pores and sebaceous glands as your face does, which means that these pores can also get clogged with dirt and grime. This can lead to acne and blackheads. Even if you don’t directly apply foundation on your décolletage, this area can still get clogged with dropped makeup, bacteria, grime, and sweat inside your shirt.

While you’re cleansing your face, add a dab of product to your neck and chest as well. Rather than using your hands to splash away—which can get a bit messy—use a towel or washcloth soaked in warm water. Try our vitamin C cleanser for a clean boost of antioxidants.

Although masks are a great way to clean and moisturize, you should never use a mask that will harden on your neck. Instead, try out a mask of mashed ripe bananas and olive oil. This mask is great for soothingly moisturizing both the neck and face (leave it on for 15 minutes).

  1.  Use a good cream or serum.

Because your neck can show signs of aging even faster than your face, it’s doubly important to use a high-quality product. Retinol is especially good for the neck and chest because it is able to penetrate deeply into the skin. Check out our retinol serum, which will deliver strong results in a lightweight serum.

When applying the serum or cream, massage it into the chest in a circular motion. Move from the middle of the chest towards the shoulders and from the base of the neck up to the chin.


  1. Keep it moisturized.

Although your neck and chest have oil-producing pores, there are fewer sebaceous glands than the face. Because the neck produces less oil, this area can get easily dry, irritated, and dull. It can also clog easily with dead skin and dirt because there are no natural oils to push away the bacteria.

In this way, it’s important to keep your neck moisturized; this will give it a hydrated barrier to protect from environmental pollutants and toxins. Because the neck has less oil, you can generally use heavier and thicker products here. Try one of our fan favorites Matrixyl Moisturizer.


      4. Use upward strokes.

When you’re cleansing, toning, firming, and moisturizing, always apply the product in an upward direction. This helps fight against gravity and encourages lifting, which can minimize sagging and wrinkles. A common European facial tactic is to massage from the chest to the chin, along the jawline, and up behind the ears. This is a relaxing and soothing technique that helps to keep your skin youthful while also putting you in a restful state of mind.


  1. Avoid “tech neck.”

In today’s modern world, everyone is looking down at phones or laptops all day long. This repeated motion of looking down can cause wrinkles and creases in the neck. Because you’re constantly doing this movement, over time the skin starts to sag and fold that way, creating deep indents that are hard to solve.

The best solution? Try using your phone less and focus on the world around you! If you have work to do, put your device at eye level while in use.


  1. Apply sunscreen.

Applying daily sunscreen to your face applies to your neck and chest too. Because the skin on your décolletage is so thin, it can burn quickly and intensely. Make sure you protect it with a daily SPF of at least 15.

The Bottom Line

Treat your neck like an extension of your face. With thinner skin and less oil production, the neck needs to be cared for in a hydrating and moisturizing way. Keep your neck firm and tight to ensure that your age-defying beauty doesn’t stop at the chin!    

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