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How To Treat Your Eyes

The Window To Your Soul: How To Treat Your Eyes


This is Martha Thomas, head of customer care for Tree of Life Beauty, and I want to welcome you to our weekly newsletter where we discuss important ways to age gracefully, “how-tos” for keeping skin healthy as you age, and so much more about your skincare regimen.

Please be advised that we are not doctors or dermatologists, and this article should not be taken as medical advice or any medical statement. Any questions or issues involving your skin-care needs should be discussed with a physician, and we highly recommend you consult with your doctor before taking up any skin-care regimen.


Love at first sight. You’re the apple of my eye. She’s got a gleam in her eye. I only have eyes for you. The eyes are the window to your soul.

Eyes are romantic, lovely, beautiful—they’re the center of our emotional world. We smile from our eyes and we cry from our eyes. They help us experience the beauty around us.

So why don’t we take better care of them? And why are they the first to show tiredness, and age?

The Skin Around Your Eyes

If you’ve ever gotten a rough night’s sleep, you’ve probably woken up first thing in the morning with dark circles under your eyes. If you’ve had a good cry, the skin around your eye puffs and swells for hours. And seasonal allergies always seem to start with irritation around the eyes. 

All of this is caused by the thinness of the skin around the eyes. In fact, the area beneath and around your eyes is the thinnest skin on your body. When you’re dehydrated, ill, or sleep deprived, your blood vessels dilate. These dilated, dark blood vessels are especially visible in thin layers of skin—giving that dark, sunken appearance underneath your eyes.

Thin skin also loses its elasticity quicker than other areas. This is because thinner skin has less fat deposits to keep it supple and youthful-looking. Thus, as gravity starts to take hold, the thin skin has less “fat” to hold onto, leading to fine lines and wrinkling.

Wrinkles also occur around the eyes because this area is often under-loved in our skincare routines. Products always say to “avoid the eye area,” so we often forget that this skin also needs some moisturizing.

So what can you do to protect, heal, and rejuvenate the skin around your eyes for a radiant, glowing appearance?

Apply Cold Compresses

Woke up with puffy, bloated eyes? Putting cold compresses around your eyes can reduce swelling by constricting blood vessels. We like using cold eye masks. They are basically an ice pack with a headband. You can put them on first thing in the morning and go about your routine as your eyes start to settle down. 

If you don’t have a compress, cold cucumbers work well also (just like you imagine at a spa)! Plus, cucumbers are full of hydrating and skin lightening benefits that help revitalize your eyes to be more glowing and youthful!

Use The Ring Finger

Because the skin around the eye is so thin and weak, even the slightest pressure can cause damage and lines. When applying makeup, creams, or eye gels to this area, use your ring finger. It’s the weakest finger (even weaker than the pinky), so it will put less pressure on the sensitive area.

Watch The Sun

The sun’s harsh UV rays are another way to damage the eye’s thin skin. Always apply sunscreen to this area. Many sunscreens are not appropriate for this sensitive area, though, so you’ll want to find a natural product that is safe for the skin around your eyes.

Wearing sunglasses is another way to prevent wrinkles. Squinting in the sun causes little rips in your skin, creating those fine lines and crows’ feet on the sides of your eyes. Invest in a quality pair of (fashionable) shades for the best protection.

Vitamin E is a great way to defend your skin from the sun as well. It protects the cell membrane from environmental damage while also calming irritation and adding in moisture. Try eating more of the vitamin E rich foods like almonds, avocados, spinach and sunflower seeds.


Get An Eye Cream

You will also want to get a more natural eye cream that is specifically designed to treat that thin, sensitive skin around the eye. The right eye gel will help improve skin firmness, boost collagen, and fight off those troublesome under-eye bags and puffiness.

You’ll love our vitamin C eye gel to get you on the road towards luminous eyes!  

Sleep and Hydrate

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again. Nothing is better for your health than sleep and water. Drinking water and cutting down on caffeinated and alcoholic beverages keeps your skin hydrated, thus reducing puffiness and dark circles. Getting quality beauty rest will also help your skin take the time it needs to heal and restore its youthful glow.    

Protect the skin around your eyes, so you can always show off your emotion and your beauty!
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